sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Volverán mis primaveras

Eres la razón de mi ceguera,
Nubes blancas del poniente
Que encierran en este cielo
Un octubre de gris primavera.
Eres quien de noche me desvela,
Quien me susurra en derredor,
Quien de noche, de gritos ahoga
Al caballo con sus espuelas.
La penumbra comienza a descender
corriendo deprisa por la ladera;
de añil va trocando la tibia noche,
violáceo el cielo que ya la quiebra.
Volverán a mi vida tus grandes dilemas
De diáfana transparencia, van y vienen.
Volverán de golpe las primaveras
Del diciembre cercano que ya me apena.

Words from a poem, Pablo Rico Pinazo

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Fifteen years older, but you still as good as always (:

At first, I have to say there's no paper enough to write about everything on you. But it's worthy to write it, and to be written.
Much people can think you're one of those who forget their beliefs instantly, not reliable at all, unable to reach his own dreams. But there's nothing further from reality. You're very hopeful, and it's more, you spread the hope among those ones you share your life with. You're reliable and you're worthy to be loved by those ones who always care about you, because you always reply them with grateful and happiness, and that's bigger than everything you can find out. Right now, you have just begun a new path on your life: a shared life with your girlfriend, Anabel. And I'm sure it's gonna be succesful and magical to you. You deserve to have all I have just said, and much more.  Obviously, I'm not able to offer everything to you, but I can help you if you let me do it. It's time to thank you because of your help in those bad times, when I felt scared when looking into my future, when I felt lonely, forgotten by everyone. You were in there though it wasn't easy, you did it right, and it's time to be grateful to you.  I hope you’re gonna  by always by her side. You both deserve to be happy, and I hope you're gonna take it easy, minding in every step as the last one, and in each day as the last one on earth. You're gonna love each other intensely, I'm sure, like a tree in the middle of a powerful storm that keeps standing up though there's no strength enough to do it, like a bright flame that burns up among the centuries, like a blue velvet sky of milky stars, whose light will never shut down. You deserve it, I do swear it. Your love for her is unstoppable, so don't let it stop. HAPPY B-DAY ANTONIO (:

P.S.: I know you're interested in learnig Italian, so here you are: A Paolo Meneguzzi's song, to inspire you to write new status on your profile :) 

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Rainy Sunday Morning(:

Today it was raining all morning long. I had to stay at home, so I decided to do something different from always. I took my camera and I began to take photos, here and there, from everywhere in my house. Here you are the results: four amazing photographs that show etheral reflects and dark lights from another rainy day.
A decanter glass to serve wine. Due to the flash light, the glass shows thousands of light small points.
A broken glass background. It's good to notice the blue and violet lights from the crystals.
An ancient oil lamp from twentieth century. It was set on my home's chimney.
A view from my home's main door. You can see the raindrops falling down the glass.

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

This Is My Life - Anna Bergendahl

This is my life - or it seems to be. So is how Anna Bergendahl entered the Melodifestivalen 2010. A song, a hymn, but indeed, it's more than that. It's magic. It was great to see her on the stage, moving to the music and singing how only she knows to do. Every time she smiles, she moves her lips, she looks better and better. This time, the stage became red. A lot of red lights rounded her during the performance, followed in their own homes by thousands of Swedish. Inside the Globen Arena, the place that helded that edition (I remind you that's located in Stockholm), the audience moved thousands of red lights, which created a perfect and magical atmosphere, and more than a beautiful view from the stadium. According to her master performing, she became the winner, and she got the chance to represent her country at the 55th Eurovision. Though in the end she couldn't pass to the finnal, it's still an awesome achievement from the Swedish singer. The best way to live your life is inside this. Listen and feel free to do whatever you want. Life is not a choice, is a present. Live it on your own!(:

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Jag älskar hennes röst (:

Anna Bergedahl was born the 11th december 1991 in Hägersten, Sweden. Lovely blue eyes, amazing long, wavy, blond hair, beautiful lips... You can imagine how does she looks like. She became famous earlier than most of the famous you know about. In 2004, with thirteen years, she entered a famous TV programme on the Swedish Channel 4. After that, she came back to TV life and entered the Swedish Pop Idol in 2008. And it was there where Anna showed her amazing voice, the strength she has every time she sings, and how is she able to fill up the places where she sings. Losts of Swedish voted for her at the final, so she got the 4th position, so good for a seventeen-aged teenager.

In 2010 she decided to entry the Melodifestivalen. She looks great in every rehearsal, even better than Eric Saade. She spread her name among the Swedish people, but the great day was the final's night. That day, anna sang her song, This Is My Life. She was so nervous, she knew that it wasn't easy to win, but she's a hopeful girl, and she never gives up. After an exciting voting, she became the winner.
                               Anna after winning the Melodifestivalen 2010

The Swedish delegation decided to send her to the 55th Eurovision, held in Oslo. She felt great, and she looked great at the rehearsal. Though she wasn't a fovourite to win, many critics thought that she was able to do it, even me. But the second semifinal's day arrived, and she faced the stage amazingly well. In my opinion, she did her best, and it was amazing to see how everyone inside the Fornebu were moving their red lights to the music. It was a magnific sight, unforgettable.
                                        Anna at the 55th Eurovision, in Oslo

But when the presenters arrived to the stage, the venue was silent. The tension was in the air, and Anna felt really nervous. The countries were passing one by one, but she wasn't lucky this time. Sweden was out the final, though her performance was one of the best. In my opinion, she was the real winner, and she's still my greatest idol. I love her voice and the way she sings and moves on the stage. She makes everyone feel good, fine, excited. There's nothing she can't do, and I hope see her again on the stage, spreading her talent and her voice...because 'jag älskar hennes röst' (:
      Again on the stage, now with white lights envolving the Fornebu
                                      Anna today

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Once upon a time a girl called Cris :)

Cris, cris, cris. Your name is always kept inside my mind. I can remember yet the moment when I heard your sweet name for the first time. I was with Clara, and we both were working on a special countdown: days to see you in Málaga. Since that moment, our friendship has grown up. And so is how your name became my forth surname, because now you're the prettiest part of myself, the hope that shines inside my heart, the clearness in the early morning, the bright moon that guides me wherever I go. So please don't leave, because I really need you. Because you dry the tears from my face when I feel sad, because you hold me with all your strength every time I fall down, because you put a smile on my face when my sky becomes dark and stars keep themselves behind the clouds, because you bring the peace to my heart with your forgiveness, because you help me to take the right way and not the wrong one. You make me better at heart, maybe the best, but at soul I can't compare to yours. Indeed, that's all I want to say, because you are the lighthouse who guides through the sea the ship I sail in. I can't live without you, so don't go NEVER. Be mine FOREVER :)

Dedicated to Cris Rayo with all my love.

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

Anna Bergendahl: Nothing Compares To You (:

In 2008, Anna Bergendahl entered the Swedish Idol. The Swedish star won it and astonish us with her amazing voice in magnific ballads such as this one, called Nothing Compares To You. She showed to Sweden and worldwide what is she able to do. And I have to say that's more than you can imagine. Indeed, she's a teenager more, maybe the best at heart, so sweet, so pretty, so loyal and friendly. But there's much more than that. It stills her voice, her awesome power to fill up a whole auditorium. She's the best, and though she couldn't pass to the final in Eurovision, I considerate her as the only and true winner. Because there are lots of annas, but Anna Bergendahl there's an only one (:

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

A life reflexion

By myself

Anna Bergendahl - The Army

This time, Anna Bergendahl, one of the most known Swedish singers, surprise us with this powerful ballad. A complete masterpiece, a complete magic song where you can feel how her voice crash into you, how it fills you up. In my opinion, this song reflects how Anna has grown up after her first song, This Is My Life, and how has she got better along the time, with the aid of herself. The only song that can free your spirit from its jail, the only song that can make you feel right, fine and reassuring, because the army she shows is the army of the future, the clearness and the happiness. A magic video filmed in Swedish fields, while the sun is hidding behind the mountains, and that orange and bright light appears from nothing to make you dream and fly as a bird. The pureness of white, the light green from the grass, the golden shine from the sun. That's one of these song taht you'll keep with you for a lifetime, and though time pass, it will still by your side until your death. So feel free to listen and enjoy, and fly with her (:

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Houses from past centuries

Past Thursday I had the opportunity to visit the Botanical-Historic Garden La Concepción, in Málaga. Here, you can find out more than a thousand different tree species, with the most weird colorful flowers. They come from all over the world, and were colected by the couple Heredia-Loring, one of the most rich families in the city. The following pictures correspond to their house, raised up in an English classical style in the nineteenth century. The house contains a big staircase, and a small Andalusian yard, around which are located all the rooms. It's important to remark that it was the first house with bathrooms in Spain. So the next time you're in Málaga, don't miss this magic opportunity and try to visit this awesome garden.

So is how winter approaches me

The photographies I have posted this time reflect perfectly how autumm's colours become darker along the time. Less than two months to reach winter, warm lights become cold and blue, and happiness come to sadness as the mountains cover themselves with a white snow sheet. I let you appreciate caresly these ones, taken by myself at home. What does the winter make you feel? Tell me and comment (:

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up

This time I'm going to talk you about Josh Groban's masterpieces once more. In this case, the one I'm going to talk about is called 'You Raise Me Up', and was not a composition from Josh Groban. It was a composition from the norwegian composer Rolf Lovland, pianist and Secret Garden's leader. But thought it was not his composition, Josh reached the top with this one, with an amazing performance and an awesome video, filmed  inside a theater. You can realise by watching this video how Josh does to make it almost impossible, how he has  the power enough to fill up the whole auditorium. Let the magic come into you, let him begin, and feel like a hero! (:


(It has been impossible to paste here the video from YouTube. I apologize about this)

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011